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Traditional responses to the situation do not often yield the best results. The saddest of which may be all too overlooked-resigning himself to a limited lifestyle… neglecting or not excelling at those activities a man loves or enjoys,because of his back problems or pain.

Prescription drugs, over-the-counter pain relievers and surgery are frightening “solutions”, when considering the outcome. Often the treatment makes the problem worse, when considering the damage done to other internal organs, the ensuing weight gain, and even mishaps of surgical procedures.

Coupled with Chiropractic care and sensible diet, Yoga training can do wonders for the strength, alignment,flexibility and even rehabilitation of the male back.

Loredana has developed a training program with specific traditional yoga poses which focus on male back postures. Coupling this with an environment and training ‘tone’ appealing to men, she can help any man improve his back health…rapidly!

Come join us guys!!

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