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ABC Science – Thu 3 Sep 09

A new study has found that the thinner your thighs, the greater your risk of heart disease.

Phys.org – Thu 3 Sep 09

Women and men with thighs under 60 centimetres (23.5 inches) in circumference face a far higher risk of premature death and heart disease, according to a study released Friday.

The Independent – Thu 3 Sep 09

Big thighs might confer a health benefit according to a study showing that people with small thighs run a higher-than-average risk of developing heart disease and an early demise.

Guardian.co.uk – Fri 4 Sep 09

Stop trying to slim down those thunder thighs – they may be protecting you from major health problems, according to new research. Surprisingly, it found that people with thinner-than-average …

Reuters – Thu 3 Sep 09

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – People who have agonized over their fat thighs might be able to relax a bit — Danish doctors said on Thursday they found patients with the thinnest thighs died sooner …

Emaxhealth – Fri 4 Sep 09

For years people have worked on their thighs making them smaller, firmer, and tighter however, a team of Dutch researchers have recently discovered through a study that bigger thighs could mean …

WebMD – Fri 4 Sep 09

Having thighs thinner than 23.6 inches around, measured at the top of the thigh, may signal risk of death or heart disease, a Danish study shows.

Health News – Fri 4 Sep 09

Thin thighs might look good in jeans, but a new Danish study indicates they might also raise the risk of premature death and heart disease in both men and women.

MedPageToday – Fri 4 Sep 09

It sounds counterintuitive given the health risks of obesity, but having bigger thighs might mean a smaller risk of heart disease or premature death, researchers say.

RedOrbit – Fri 4 Sep 09

Men and women who have thinner thighs may be at an increased risk of early death, according to a new study released Thursday.Writing in the British Medical Journal, Professor Berit Heitmann, …

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