Angel Symbols

Angels can signify many things in artistic expression, from religious devotion to a personal statement about life. Adding other elements to these tattoos can individualize them, and clearly express the significance of the tattoo.

The addition of these symbols can clarify the angel’s message. Harps and trumpets symbolizes communication of messages or beauty. Doves would express peace and gentleness, while a sword would indicate protection or a warrior. Wands are a symbol of mysticism and change.

Many men and women get angel tattoos for various reasons. These
tattoos can be found on almost any area of the body including the arm,
forearm, leg, back, lower back, shoulders and chest.
Anywhere you can put a tattoo is a great place for an angel tattoo.

Some men and women choose to get an angel tattoo as a symbol of religious devotion. Angels can be found in many religions and some very popular angel tattoos are those that symbolizes Christianity. St. Michael the Archangel slaying Satan is a famous and popular piece of artwork that can be found as a tattoo.
Another reason some people choose to get angel tattoos is as a remembrance to someone. A loved one may have passed away and an angel tattoo is prettier and more graceful than a tattoo or an RIP tombstone symbol. The angel is a beautiful and almost always appears graceful Thus women are very Attracted to these types of tattoos.
Angel tattoos are not always done for religious reasons or memorial. They can also be done just for artistic reasons alone. Wicked or fallen angel tattoos are just as popular as biblical angels. Angel wings are also a popular variation of angel tattoos. </span>

A tattoo holds a different meaning for each individual wearer. A rose may be just a rose to some but to others the rose could be a symbol of triumphing over evil. Each person who carries an angel tattoo will have some special meaning or story that will go along with it.
These meanings can vary for each person who wears the tattoo. If you see someone bearing an angel tattoo ask them what their reasoning is for having it. You
may find that it is for a religious reason, artistic reason, as a
memorial to a loved one, in honor of an event or just because it was a
beautiful piece seen in a tattoo parlor.
as many variations as there are of angel tattoos that there are many
reasons why it is important to the bearer of the tattoo.
The only way to truly know the meaning behind a gorgeous angel tattoos is to ask the people who proudly wears the tattoo. Angel tattoos can be a thing of beauty for many different reasons to a variety of people.

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