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There are many, many ways to remove and treat acne scars. We’re here to show you the best acne scar home treatments! With many methods out there that require visiting a doctors office, or paying hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars for treatment, we’d like to provide cheaper, more natural, and more tolerated treatments.  Some of the best acne scar treatments can be done at home for a fraction of the price!

Most home treatments involve either some sort of exfoliation (either manual or chemical exfoliation) or moisturization. There are very few treatments out there that stray from these basic methods. Those that do, are often difficult to find research for, or their claims are unfounded. For example, there is a large debate whether one of the leading scar creams, Mederma, is actually effective, or if the combination of the product being a great moisturizer plus the placebo effect makes its consumers believe it works wonders. For that reason, I tend to stick to products that exfoliate, as well as products that provide great moisturization or healing properties.

The best exfoilaint for acne scars is alpha hydroxyl acids like glycolic acid, or lactic acid. Both of these acids have a great reputation for helping remove scars from the skin. These ingredients can be delivered in multiple ways, you can get lactic/glycoic acid creams, toners, serums etc, or you can do an at home chemical peel. When the acid is in a cream, toner, or serum (or anything that stays on you face for an extended time) will be weaker than an at home chemical peel. Chemical peels are much more effective, and deliver quicker results. Personally, I find that its easier to do a chemical peel twice a month rather than using a product religiously on a daily basis. Adding to this, I still find that I get better results using a stronger product occasionally, rather than a weaker product consistently.

If you are using a chemical peel to remove acne scars, I would first recommend a glycolic acid peel. This is the most effective peel for scars. The runner up would be lactic acid peels, however these peels are much more gentle (thus more well tolerated) which can mean a longer period of time before seeing results.

Some will argue that doing chemical peels at home can be dangerous, since professionals that do them require a license to perform chemical peels.  I personally have never ran into any issues, and honestly do not know how one can screw up putting a thin layer of liquid on your face, letting it sit for a few minutes, then washing it off. It really is very simple as long as you read and follow the directions thoroughly.

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