Detect Negative Energies at Your Home Using Just a Glass of Water – ViraHealth

Using this simple trick is the quickest way. Not having negative energy at your home helps maintain the harmony of the house and all the members of your family.

How does energy influence the home?

Our energies inhabit at the places we live. Our home – the place where we live is a union between the members of the family and the energies of all become something common. Our feelings, emotions and thoughts not only radiate a certain type of energy but also attract.

Negative energies can occupy your home for a variety of reasons. Family members are the main actors, although neighbors or visitors can also have an influence.

You can detect negative energies in different ways. The financial resources of the home will begin to rise and fall – be unstable; the luck will no longer be on your side and the relationships between family members will be tense. If there’s a pet in the house it can also behave strangely. The pet can be more anxious, restless and sad for no apparent reason. Also, the plants will wither; the appliances will break down and there will even be places in the house where you no longer feel calmed and relaxed.

You may not notice all these symptoms at once, but the other mechanisms to detect negative energies are absolutely necessary.

First, it is important that you analyze what is happening in your home. Very often your energies aren’t the main reason for the presence of the negative energy in your home. If you think that you cannot find the main reason for the problem then try this following trick and detect the bad vibes.

  • Get a crystal, completely transparent glass. It is very important that the glass doesn’t have drawing; it’s not carved and doesn’t have any color. If you have the possibility, purchase a glass with these characteristics which you will only use for these purposes.
  • Cover 1/3 of the bowl with sea salt.
  • Fill to 2/3 of the bowl with white vinegar or organic apple cider.
  • Cover the remaining third with pure water.
  • Take the glass to a room in the house where you think the bad vibes are most powerful. It can be a place where you receive visits, where all the members of the house come together, etc.
  • Place it in a hidden corner and let it stand there for 24 hours. It is important that no one moves the glass to other place.
  • The next day observe the state of the glass.

If you found the glass just like you left it – the bad vibes are not in that room. You can transfer the glass to another room and repeat the same procedure.

If you notice that the glass (solution in it) has green stains or its gasified – then you certainly need to do an energy cleansing. Any change that happens to the glass can be due to energetic problems. In this case, throw the contents of the glass to the toilet and flush them. Wash the container thoroughly; add the ingredients again and repeat the procedure in the same room. Do as many times necessary – until the glass doesn’t have green stains.