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Read success stories of people who have used our PEMF devices to help heal their ailments. Has PEMF helped you? Share your story with us by filling out the form below.

Gary Roberts — NHL veteran and Stanley Cup winner

Gary Roberts is a NHL veteran and Stanley Cup winner who played 23 seasons. He credits Health Harmonies, from Newmarket, Ontario, with successfully enabling his body to bounce back from years of wear and tear as an NHL elite. Mr. Roberts has been using Health Harmonies integrated health approach system, with their Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field (PEMF), to help him achieve and maintain his healthy lifestyle.

“I am a firm believer in using an integrated approach to achieve a healthy lifestyle. This approach brings together proper nutrition, exercise and recovery measures that help my body bounce back from the wear and tear of every day life.

I use Health Harmonies Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field therapy tool as one of the recovery measures that helps my body reduce inflammation, improve circulation and relieve post exercise soreness. It has been an effective tool to help keep my body recharged and reduce pain.” — Gary Roberts

As a 23 year NHL Alumni (1986 to 2009), scoring 53 goals from 1991 to 1992, and winning a Stanley Cup with the Calgary Flames in 1989, Gary has depended on his physical strength and stamina for his livelihood. Although retired, Gary continues to dedicate himself to training the NHL elite with his workout regimen and spreading the word about other wellness protocols. Today he is a leader in high performance training and sports nutrition for athletes. Gary uses PEMF as part of an integrated approach to a healthy lifestyle.

Kim Sartor — no more pain thanks to PEMF

Kim 3
Kim was diagnosed 20 years ago with an auto immune disease called sarcoidosis and then in 2007 had a car accident that caused bulging discs in her lower back and neck with sciatica, she was also under laser treatments for glaucoma that very same year. In 2012 she was diagnosed with asthma and prescribed 50 milligrams of prednisone three times and two puffers, ventalin and symbicort. She was introduced to Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field therapy (PEMF) by a former work associate and to her amazement, she is no longer taking any medication and her test results are normal. No more back pain, no more wheezing, no more asthma attacks, and no more eye problems.
Kim is now taking this to the next level bringing Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field therapy (PEMF) to existing businesses, that want to increase their abilities to help clients and patients. The sports world and every day people that need to improve their health. She wants to educate people on the harms of electro smog, cell phones, WiFi, and how to protect you from these invisible waves. Also educate on the radiation and electromagnetic field exposure of clock radios, portable phones, cell phones etc. Very recently there have been shows talking about cell phones and WiFi on Doctor OZ, Dr Sanja Gupta and Dr Weil.

Janet George — avoided surgery thanks to PEMF therapy

“I have had 7 treatments. I came without pain, most are there with pain. My problem was lack of circulation. Both of my feet, the toes and the ball of my feet were numb. The vascular surgeon wanted to do a double by-pass surgery on both legs with no guarantee that I would not end up the amputation of part or all of my legs. I told him NO! I heard about Health Harmonies and decided to try.
Now thanks to PEMF therapy from Health Harmonies the numbness in my feet is starting to go away. This is the most amazing revelation in 4 years. I can’t wait to go back to the vascular surgeon for another ultra-sound and tell him that the “cut and gut” is not the only way to fix a health problem. electromagnetic therapy works for a lot of health problems. I am very grateful that we have Health Harmonies here in Newmarket, Ontario.”

John Mahaffy — post-shingles neuralgia searing pain GONE!

Recently, I was lying in bed writhing in pain when my wife returned from Yoga and told me that her Yoga instructor had said that two of her clients had been going to a place in Newmarket called Health Harmonies for “Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field” therapy (PEMF) and were quite pleased with the results they were getting for various physiological problems.
The owners, Kim and Jackie, (along with their part-time staff, Kathy and Jan) are extraordinarily friendly and caring people and all are quite knowledgeable about what PEMF can (and cannot) deliver. Their experience with PEMF gives them a good sense of what timeframes each type of ailment may take before significant results set in. You are in good hands in their small, intimate and friendly office.
Speaking from personal experience, I arrived with post-shingles neuralgia that can be incredibly painful and can last for many months if not years. Although I had no “miraculous” relief from pain after my 1st session — many of the folks you will meet do tell stories of radical improvements after only one session — I did notice that after my 2nd session the next day, I no longer experienced what I describe as “searing” pain. For me this was huge! In other words, on my pain scale of 0-10 with 10 being this searing, almost unimaginable pain, the rest of my time at Health Harmonies using PEMF was spent dealing with pain within the range of 0-9.
One last thing, low frequency electromagnetic fields are healthy for the human body but we are becoming increasingly aware of the dangers of high frequency fields to which we are exposed to in the form of cell phones, cordless phones, WiFi, Cell Towers, Smart meters, cordless Crib monitors, etc.
Who would have thought that in coming to Health Harmonies for help in dealing with my pain from post shingles nerve damage, I would come away with a far wider understanding of healthy living — and having fun at the same time!

Blackie — a 14 year old shihtzu


“I am a 14 year old shihtzu. over the past two years I had been feeling more and more tired. I slept all day, was too tired to go for walks, and didn’t play with my squeaky toys. My eyes were cloudy with cataracts and I could not go down the stairs by myself anymore. I had two pink growths – one on my lip and one on my ear. My poo looked like bunny turds and I had to push a lot to push it out.
Three months ago my ‘mom’ bought a Swiss Bionic Solutions iMRS PEMF mat because it made her feel better. She had been using one at Health Harmonies for two months and she said all the astronaut research says it works. ‘Mom’ thought it might help me too. I have slept on ‘boy-child’s bed since I was a puppy, so ‘mom’ let me sleep on her bed beside the PEMF mat. I can feel the frequencies. When she uses the long mat, I sleep at the foot of the bed. When she turns on the pillow, I move beside the pillow.
I have so much more energy now. I can jump off the bed again all by myself. My eyes are much less cloudy and I can go down the stairs now even in the dark. I spend less time sleeping and more time following ‘mom’ around the house – she says I’m her little shadow. I love going for walks again and running on the grass. At night I lie beside the controller on the floor to remind ‘mom’ it’s time to do our PEMF.”

Myles Mitchell — full time hockey player

Myles Mitchell skating

“As a full time hockey player and long time sports fanatic, I have suffered many broken bones, concussions as well as torn ligaments and muscles leaving me in pain each and every day. This pain was overwhelming my body and not allowing me to excel at my best ability in the sport that I love so much. I was lucky enough to be guided to Health Harmonies when shopping at Natures Emporium, walking around the store in clear pain as I had nerve damage in my leg and a worn down body from training.
A lovely lady came to me and told me to give Health Harmonies a try; at this point I would try anything as nothing seemed to help me feel relief of pain. Arriving at Health Harmonies I felt very welcomed and had a comforting feeling, as if I was supposed to be there. I felt so relieved meeting Jackie and Kim as they actually listened to me and how much pain my whole body was in everyday. They were both so great at teaching everyone about this amazing technology and also taking the time to listen and make sure everyone, including myself were getting the right help and they were very adamant at healing our bodies.
After using PEMF for about a week my whole body was feeling more energetic, my head wasn’t so “foggy”, most of my joint pain was gone and my leg was fully healed to the point where I was able to jog and train at a high intensity again. After experiencing such amazing results in such a short amount of time my family knew we had to get a bed of our own to keep our bodies in a healthy and natural state.
I thank all the staff at Health Harmonies more than words can describe for being so helpful and treating me like family. PEMF has had such a positive impact on my family and me. It truly is a miracle bed and I will continue to recommend it to anyone who is in pain, suffering from disease, or to anyone who wants to simply better their life and become more energetic.”

Rosemary Breschuk-Chiu — virtually blind with no answers


It has been my experience, when visiting Health Harmonies in Newmarket, that most word-of-mouth clients arrive there out of sheer frustration with traditional medicine, prescriptions, therapies and treatments.
I am such a client, a regular now, practically a fixture, because I was severely let down by a provincial healthcare system that had not enough qualified doctors and specialists, was too slow, too busy, too expensive, too burdened by cutbacks and lack of resources, beds and nurses and essentially too indifferent to my health crisis, to be of any help at all, to my peril. Some weeks, the exorbitant cost of parking at the hospital alone meant no money for groceries that week.
I was a professional food and product demonstrator. On March 30, on a rare day off work, I woke up virtually blind; no vision in my swollen left eye, and about 10% in the right. I was rushed to the local hospital, where I spent 7.5 franatic hours undergoing test after test, rushed from room to room with little explanation as to where I was going, or why, and all I could think of was…..would I ever see my new grandson’s face ever again?
By nightfall, the hospital staff were at a complete loss as to the cause of my sudden blindness, so they sent me the next day to a speciality eye clinic at the other end of the region. There, I spent another full day undergoing numerous tests, with a disappointing outcome — the doctors also didn’t know why I couldn’t see, and sent me home suggesting I call the CNIB for assistance. The CNIB said I didn’t qualify under their criteria. So there I was, sent home alone with my 2 dogs, unable to drive, shop, do banking, cook meals, do laundry and most other routine chores we take for granted.
Once home, I called an Ojibway medicine man friend, whose “spirits” told him the cause of my blindness was due to a lack of iodine and related thyroid issues. He suggested it was most likely Thyroid Eye Disease (TED). I told my eye doctor about this, and he merely laughed and quipped “Indian medicine? Good luck with THAT!” The medicine man had a tincture sent to me that I took, 8 drops twice daily. Within 3 days, the vision in my right eye slowly started to return, and minimally so in the left. A friend took me to see a homeopath who prescribed potassium and Causticum tabs, which also helped somewhat. Five weeks later, the ophthalmologist grudgingly agreed that the medicine man was right!
But it wasn’t until I took the advice of a friend to go to Health Harmonies that I saw REAL and TANGIBLE results and healing. After my free session, which gave me great relief from the pressure building behind my eyes, I signed up for the most reasonably-priced 10-session package, and began attending 6 days a week, as I had also now lost my job.
I took advantage of all three main therapies — PEMF, infra-red bed, acoustic/harmonic bed — plus other detox apparatus, the Tesla-coil, probe, and pillows to target my eye issues. I also learned how to reduce the effect of microwave, “dirty electricity”, WiFi and other “invisible pollutants” in my home, and I keep my cell phone on “airplane mode” now most of the time. I improved my already organic food/healthy lifestyle diet, and included more hydration with oxygenated, ozonized, alkalized, purified water, which is essential for the therapies to work optimally.
Within 3 weeks, I saw incremental, progressive improvement in my vision in both eyes. The “tinted glass” film over my left eye disappeared within 4 days. Though my eye remains fixed, moving only horizontally because the extra ocular and rectus muscles have still not yet released, my vision increased from 10% to 30%. My near- and far-sightedness was corrected within a week, and I no longer wear my costly double-bifocal glasses. My right eye improved from 10% acuity to nearly 70% now, and getting better every day. The filmy veil has lifted, my eye looks near normal, and as a result, I am able to drive again, if only for short distances and periods of time. I regained my mobility, not to mention confidence and optimism for a full recovery. Meanwhile, nine weeks later, I’m still waiting for my ophthalmologist to schedule a folllow-up consultation appointment.
I’ve started a second course of 10 sessions, and now I’m volunteering and training at the clinic where I’m being treated, with a new dream for a vocation as a PEMF clinician, with the hope of bringing this alternative, Tesla-coil based healing therapy to First Nations reservations and communities across Ontario, and one day, Canada, owing to the vast array of pain, illness, addictions, mental illness and other pathologies it can target, and heal.
I owe my “new life” to the clinicians at Newmarket Health Harmonies. Every word of this testimonial is true, and I tell all my friends about it, when they confide in me that they have lost respect, confident and hope with traditional, pharma-driven medical treatment.

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