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  • When you receive your travel
    documents, check them immediately and notify your travel agent or cruise
    line of any problems. 
    —there will be lots of instructions you’ll need
  • Be sure to check your itineraries for seat
    assignments (airlines) and cabin assignments (cruises) and make any ticket
    changes you need.

  • Notify the cruise line or airline of any
    special needs (wheelchair access, dietary, etc.) you might have before you
    get to the airport or dock. Cruises have special deadlines for dietary needs
    so be sure to follow them.

  • Check to make sure your contact information
    is right.

  • Take care of
    passports, visas, and any important
    papers you might need way ahead of time.
    We recommend ALWAYS taking a
    passport on a cruise—if you don’t have one,
    get one and do it sooner rather than later.

  • Use online check-in and self-service kiosks
    to avoid long lines at the airport.

  • Know the check-in requirements for your

  • Use the cruise line’s internet check-in
    process to take care of required pre-boarding paperwork.  Otherwise, you’ll
    have LONG lines on the day of your cruise.

  • Check security checkpoint wait-times and
    allow plenty of extra time for busy holiday periods.

  • Make two copies of your
    itinerary, passport, cruise documents, driver’s license, credit cards,
    health insurance card, medical allergies or medical conditions, and other
    Take one set with
    you on your person but in a different location than the originals. 
    Give the other set to a trusted person at home in case of emergency.
    Be sure you have the phone number with you for the person at home.

  • Take a list of emergency phone numbers with

  • Make sure you have the originals of your
    drivers license, health insurance card, credit cards (different brands), and
    health information, if necessary.

  • Take comfortable walking shoes, hat,
    sunglasses, sunscreen, even for an Alaskan cruise.

  • Pack less than you want and have more fun
    than you expect!

This list is intended to be helpful and informative;
it is NOT intended to be an all-inclusive list. Use your common sense and if you
have questions, contact the cruise line customer care. They are very helpful and
can probably answer all your questions.

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