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Keeping the band on or off:
It’s mostly a personal decision when opting whether to take a band off or leave it on while smoking ones favorite. The are stacked with 13 on top and 12 on the bottom with a paper spacer. First light the, let it warm up and “get to know it” so to speak. When using a match, wait until the sulfur burns off before lighting the.

It will smolder out on its own. Inspect the construction the to insure there are no cracks the wrapper and the cap is good condition.
Start by lighting the at an angle (30-45 degrees or so), and a couple inches away the tip the. Paper matches with wax and high sulfur content can affect the taste the so be careful.

If you do decide to remove the band make sure you let the heat up before taking it off as the heat the will help loosen the glue that holds the band on. Gently feel the between your fingers (don’t roll it because that could cause the wrapper to crack) to see if it’s too moist or too dry. This will loosen the glue adhesive on the band.

Picking a :
Pick the color wrapper you prefer, dark or light.

Relighting a fresh generally is not a problem either. If you find your to be dry place them an unsealed bag, along with something that will retain moisture for days (small damp cloth, sponge, etc).

The filler can be between two and four different types leaf. But proceed with caution when removing the band your, as some bands are harder to remove than others.



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