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Data Conversion

Vogon has years of experience working with transferring data between
different media and file systems, as well as recording data between
different systems.

Our media conversion service will transfer data
files from an unrivalled array of backup formats, even those that have been
obsolete for years.

The programming team is always prepared to
examine data and develop new software utilities when and where required and
this has been put to good use dealing with the Y2K problems.

Vogon’s data conversion utilities are used
throughout the industry to reformat data from mainframe systems to allow for
data import on PC and UNIX database and spreadsheet applications.

On top of the difficulties of moving data between
computers created by the numerous types of media available, the data itself
may also be in an unreadable format. IBM Mainframes, for example, encode
data using EBCDIC, which is not compatible with UNIX systems and means data
cannot readily be interchanged between these systems.

VAX VMX systems structure records in a number of ways that are incompatible
with any application in the Windows or UNIX arena.

Vogon has developed a wide range of tools to process data so that it can be
transferred to newer systems.

Vogon has dealt with a wide range of data from older and obsolete systems
and has developed proprietary software to effect a rapid and accurate
transfer of data.

IBM Mainframe/AS400

Data is encoded as EBCDIC with records being
either fixed in length or with a binary length indicator. Transfer this data
to your PC and try to use it and your application will probably crash.

To complicate matters further, the numeric representations used within data
from these systems is often packed decimal (for example COMP-3), which is
alien to any mainstream PC or UNIX application. Vogon will take your COBOL
record descriptions and use them to recreate your data in a usable ASCII

Vogon can process your COPY or SAVE format data and convert it into
delimited ASCII with printable numeric fields and suitable to be loaded into
most PC/UNIX applications.

Although this conversion can often be performed via a PC link to the
mainframe, the time required can run into days. At Vogon we can process
several gigabytes of data in a few hours and have your reprocessed data
returned to you before the start of the next business day.

Vogon can convert from MVS Backup, AS/400 SaveObj and SaveLib and from MVS
or OS/400 COPY format media.

VMS Data

VMS systems contain data with a variety of
differing record structures, most of which are not compatible with Windows
or UNIX applications.

Vogon has developed applications that will convert data from a VMS Backup
set and restructure record based files to be compatible with the majority of
Windows or UNIX applications. Even the VMS file version number can be
retained where multiple occurrences of the file are found.

Data files containing records that are Fixed or Variable in length can be
converted to be carriage return and line feed delimited. All this can be
achieved rapidly and will save you from the trials of using complex and slow
network or communications connections.

To learn more about data conversion click here.

Media Conversion

Due to the fast expansion of the computer industry in the last decade,
computers are notorious for not being able to communicate between one
another. Just because you have the same drive as another system there is no
guarantee that you will be able to read data from a tape that has been
recorded by it.

Even between systems with similar operating systems and backup applications,
interchange is a major problem. An SCO UNIX user for example will be unable
to restore from a 4mm DAT based tar archive that has been recorded by an HP
UNIX system.

The list of disk devices and media below is only a selection of the media we
can convert between:

• Hard disks
• Removable drives
• Floppy disks
• MiniDisc (MD)

• Optical (phase-change & MO)
• Zip
• SyQuest
• Bernoulli

To learn more about data conversion click here.

Disk Recovery
Tape Recovery
Virus Recovery
Data Conversion

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