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Dear god, what do i say to my friend?


courtesy http://www.sxc.hu/photo/692910


I know a couple that is lost in the world. They aren’t married and the female has two children in DYFS and is doing her best to straighten up. Her boyfriend clings to her and manipulates her every move because he knows that she is his easy ticket out. She knows he is not good for her but is dependent on him and says she is scared to be alone. The more I pray the more the Lord shows me chaos, confusion, deception and manipulation. My heart is there to help and guide her the way the Lord leads me. I need a word. Give me a word.


Beloved, do not be confused.  This woman is not your friend, neither by world standards nor by biblical measures!  

Your “friend” would not turn her back on you and her children to serve her worldly master (her boyfriend).  She dwells in the darkness of a psychologically and spiritually abusive relationship.  She is voluntarily choosing to remain in captivity!

Jesus described as “friends”, persons with whom He had shared all things that He had heard from His Father (Truth).  Truth is, by biblical standards, your so-called “friend” is neither neutral nor harmless, but an enemy of God.  Not once, but numerous times during a day, your “friend” chooses something of the world over you, her children, and God.  Your anger, hurt and disappointment from her rejection has given way to your hopelessness, despair and grief.

Since you are not friends, then what is currently the true nature of your relationship with this woman? As God’s ambassador, what should be your ministry to this woman? Have you challenged your own wrong, misguided thoughts, attitudes, behaviors?  Have you 1) prayed; 2) shown the love of God despite her wretched state; 3) prayed;  4) assessed her material needs so that you could facilitate them being addressed; 5) prayed; 6) shared the gospel and modeled the gospel; 7) prayed; 8) relied upon the Holy Spirit to convict and save her, 9) prayed;  10) given thanks to God for using and teaching you in this situation? Praise God.  LET THE REDEEMED OF THE LORD SAYSO!


Please note that the views and opinions expressed in the Faith Forum are not necessarily those of the editor and staff of Say So! Magazine.  Have a question? Please submit your questions to
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Questions will be answered and published on a first come, first served basis. Due to the large volume of questions received, we will not be able give prior notice of the answer being published. Please subscribe to the newsletter to stay informed.

Min. Robert & Dr. Astra Brantley are counselors that have been called to serve the body of Christ. For more information, visit http://www.brantleygroup.com.

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Private space online

Disclosure of the Conflict of Interest

We earn revenue from users who after having tried our web site for free may purchase premium features to the extent that they do not violate the privacy of other users. We have no advertising and we earn revenue from no other parties.


Registration at PrivateSpaceOnline is anonymous and open to everyone. We require no information from you in order to start using our product. You may choose to leave your e-mail address, but this is optional, and we would use it only if you forget your password.

We identify our users via numerical Account Numbers, which we do not associate with their real identities. While we store the information that you publish for your Contacts, such as your name, contact information, professional background, photos, etc., we do not require nor assume this information to be true.

Information Ownership

PrivateSpaceOnline takes no ownership of the information uploaded by its users. You can delete any data that you have ever uploaded, and you can destroy your entire Account through “Settings” -> “Destroy Account” menu. We automatically destroy non-premium Accounts if you do not log in within 3 months. You cannot delete, however, certain types of comments or messages that your send to other users. Such messages are considered property of their recipients. Only they can delete them from them Accounts. We place explicit notices on the pages where you may send this type of messages or comments.

Information Control

PrivateSpaceOnline by default shares no kind of information about you with your Contacts unless you explicitly request a specific portion of it to become visible to some of them. You may do so by using “Can be Viewed by…” link on “My Information” page, “Can View…” link on “Contacts” page, or by matching your Contacts with the information you want them to see via “Networks”.

PrivateSpaceOnline by design gives no possibility to users to find other users on the site, unless these other users have explicitly indicated that they want to be found by a specific category of people, for example, by those with whom they worked or studied together.

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We do not sell, rent, or otherwise provide any information about you to the third parties. However, because PrivateSpaceOnline is incorporated in the United States, California, we might be legally forced to disclose some of your information to the properly empowered US authorities in case we receive a legal order. In this case we may decide to use a reasonable amount of legal means to resist such order, but only if you do not use PrivateSpaceOnline site for serious criminal activities, such as child pornography, homicide, terrorism, other crimes related to violating freedom, privacy or other fundamental rights of others. You should not assume that we would attempt or succeed in doing so. We do not consider legal orders from the parties other than the properly empowered US authorities.

We require all our employees, contractors, and employees of these contractors who perform work for PrivateSpaceOnline to individually sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement that requires them not to use the information stored at PrivateSpaceOnline for non work-related purposes, and to not disclose it to the third-parties.

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PrivateSpaceOnline uses no cookies and no web beacons. Therefore, we cannot recognize you when you return to the site. We will require you to enter your Account Number and Password every time you visit it.

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Due to a multitude of design flaws in the communications standards of the Internet, software, web browsers and operating systems, when you visit PrivateSpaceOnline web site, we may automatically get access to the URL of the site that you came from, your IP address, the type of your operating system and web browser, the name of your Internet Service Provider (ISP), as well as the URL of the site where you are leaving. We do not use this information and we make our best effort to ensure it does not accidentally remain on our servers. However, we cannot guarantee nor promise that it is not intercepted, stored, shared, or used by the third parties of whom we are not in control, such as Internet and Hosting Providers, governments (both domestic and international), your employer, hackers, criminals, terrorists, as well as other individuals or organization who may theoretically obtain unauthorized access to it.

Backup Policy (to be changed in the future)

PrivateSpaceOnline uses Dedicated Server hosting provided by GoDaddy.com hosting provider. It includes daily backups of our servers held for up to 7 days. Additionally, to our best knowledge, GoDaddy makes their own daily backups of all servers, including those of PrivateSpaceOnline, and holds them for up to 30 days. If you destroy your Account or delete any information from it, we cannot remove it from these backups earlier than in 30 days. However, we are currently looking for a different hosting provider who would have a possibility to store backups for the maximum of 1 day. We may also choose to buy our own servers if we raise enough money for that in the future. If you are a hosting provider or know a hosting provider who can sign a legally binding agreement with regard to its backup policy, we would appreciate if you let us know. If you are a potential investor or if you would like to make a donation to PrivateSpaceOnline to help us spearhead the transition to the independent servers, we would appreciate if you contact us.

E-mail Sending Control

You may leave, update, or delete some of your e-mails on “Settings” -> “Notify Me” page. You may want to do so if you are interested in receiving specific notifications from us, such as those about the changes in this Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, or about the new updates published for you by your friends. We use each of your e-mail addresses only for the specific purpose that you request. You can always delete any of your e-mails on the “Notify Me” page.

PrivateSpaceOnline sends no kind of e-mails to your Contacts, unless you explicitly approve sending specific notifications to specific people about having published some information for them. In this case you will be able to see and modify the full text in the Body, Subject, “To:” and “From:” fields for every message.

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We collect statistical information about users’ activities as long as we are reasonably sure that no portion of this information can be attributed to a specific Account. For example, we may record the number of active Accounts, the average amount of time spent by the Account Holders on the site, the list of the most frequently used features, etc. We may share this kind of information with the third parties or use it internally to improve the customer experience.


We make our best effort to protect your data from unauthorized access using the best tools available to us, such as SHA1 authentication, firewalls, restricting physical access to our facilities, regular audits for possible vulnerabilities etc. However, we do not possess any superior technology that makes our web site invulnerable to all kinds of attacks. We, therefore, strongly discourage you from publishing highly sensitive information at PrivateSpaceOnline.

User Obligations

According to our Terms of Use, you are not allowed to share with anybody the information that other users publish for you at PrivateSpaceOnline without the consent of these users. You accept the liability to these users for any kind of damages such sharing may result, independently upon whether these damages would be considered as such in your home country.

You also accept the responsibility to not use our site for any activities that would be considered illegal under the current Law of the State of California or Federal Law of the United States. Our ability to protect your privacy and the privacy of the other users may be jeopardized if you do so.

If we have a reasonable suspicion that you are using our site for any serious criminal activities, such as child pornography, homicide, terrorism, activities related to violating freedom, privacy or other fundamental rights of others, whether considered criminal or not, we may take the decision to investigate ourselves the content of your Account. In case we find this suspicion to be true, we may contact the corresponding US or other countries’ authorities without notifying you about this. We reserve the right to deny you using our site or to destroy your Account at no reason and at any time if we reasonably believe that you may have been or may become involved in any such activities in the future.

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We reserve the right to make changes in this Privacy Policy at any time. We notify our users of such changes via a message sent to their PrivateSpaceOnline Inbox. Additionally, you may request us to send a copy of the notification to your real e-mail address specified on “Settings” -> “Notify Me” page. If you do not agree to the provisions of the updated Privacy Policy or Terms of Use, you will be able to destroy your Account and all information associated with it through “Settings” -> “Destroy Account” menu.


We want our privacy practices to confirm to the highest ethical standards. If you find any violation of the above Privacy Policy or if you simply do not consider it fair and want us to change it, we encourage you to Contact Us. We will consider all requests, inquiries, or suggestions related to your privacy our highest priority, and we will forward them directly to our CEO, Orlando Eagle.

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