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Evans – Black/ Grey

Powerfully sculpted in classy propionate, the Evans makes a bold statement. 6 base 100% UV protected polycarbonate lenses.

Purchase these Sunglasses

Frame: CP
Lens: Polycarbonate
Price: 50.00

Do you love these Sunglasses, but don’t have the funds? Then click below to find out how you can try out these sunglasses for a year.

Rent these Sunglasses

Somatic Sunglasses Rental Program

Somatic Sunglasses Rental Insurance
A 2.00 fee is required at the time of agreement. This fee covers your liability if the Somatic Sunglasses are lost, stolen, not returned or damaged in any way for the rental period. The rental period is one year.

If you decide to purchase your Somatic Sunglasses at any time during the year the 2.00 fee goes toward their purchase price.

Rental Fee
A years’ rental for any one pair of Somatic Sunglasses is $28.00. This fee also applies to the purchase price should you decide to keep your Somatic Sunglasses.

Rental Return
Somatic Sunglasses are to be returned within one year of the rental date. The Sunglasses are to be returned clean and in good condition.

Frame: CP
Lens: Polycarbonate
Rental Fee: $28.00
Insurance Fee:2.00

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