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RogueGrand Champion Thomas O’mali Makeitso Ruby Tuesday (Imp) PK normal
Also known as Rogue (Ruddy Somali)

Imported from the UK where she won best kitten in show at the Somali cat club show she was also voted Judges favourite!
Thank you to Yvonne and Peter Barnes of Makeitso Somalis and Abyssinians, UK for this wonderful girl. She has a fabulous personality and is truly a friend to our 4 yr old daughter and our 30kg Samoyed dog, Chewy.

Her father is Mojave’s Fantom (Ruddy Somali) , FIFe European Champion and GCCF UK & Imperial Grand Champion(Import from Sweden)

Mojave's FantomFantoms Special Show Successes:
Best in Show Semi-Longhair male, Capital Longhair Cat Association January 2005
Best in Show Semi-Longhair male, Capital Longhar Cat Association January 2008
Overall Best Exhibit, Somali Cat Club Show 2005
Overall Best in Show, Capital Longhair Cat Association January 2006
Best Adult in Show, Somali Cat Club 2006
Best Somali Adult in Show, SLCA 2006
Best Semi-Longhair Adult, Herts & Middx Sept 2006

Seven red card days (first in all classes)
In the last three for Best in Variety semi-longhair at the Supreme 2005

Best of Variety Semi-longhair Adult at the Supreme 2006
The only Somali to be best of variety at the Supreme !! In FIFe – Best Somali, Abyssinian & Somali Cat Alliance 2004 and 2006

Her mother is GCCF Grand Champion Makeitso Ro Laren Ruddy Somali also FIFe Champion and TICA Champion

Both Fantom and Ro Laren have tested normal for PRA DNA and Pyruvate Kinase-deficiency


Quadruple Grand Champion Joylincar Akisa of Thomas O’mali (Imp)PK + PRA normal
also known as Akisa

Bred by Carole Carroll in Australia, Akisa spent the first three and a half years of her life with Diane Jackson in the USA. She is now living with us in Cape Town.
She was awarded TICA Best Ruddy Ticked Tabby Somali of the Year and TICA Best Somali of the Year in 2007.


















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