Chemotherapy for Stomach Cancer

Stomach cancer is a relatively common cancer develops from the stomach lining. Loss of appetite, heartburn, nausea, and upper abdominal pain are some frequently symptoms of stomach cancer. In severe cases, difficulty swallowing, yellow skin, weight loss, blood in the stool among others and vomiting may experience by the patient. The exact cause of stomach cancer is yet not clear, however, doctors believe that there is a strong connection between diet rich in smoke, salt and pickle food and stomach cancer. The best thing is that stomach cancer is curable now.

Chemotherapy, an anti- cancer drugs specifically designed to lower or stop the development of quick dividing cancer cells in the human body. This drug contains another drug named cytotoxic, circulate in the blood around the body and work by disrupting the development of the cancer cells. This treatment is given as per the individual condition, sometimes used as an initial treatment to damage cancer cells, sometimes given prior to other treatment in order to shrink a tumor, sometimes to let up on advanced cancer symptoms, and in some cases used to damage any left cancer cells after other treatment.

Chemotherapy is recommended in several ways to treat cancer, however, Perioperative Chemotherapy is one of the most common uses of chemotherapy that shrinks the cancer to make the surgery more successful and also lessens the chance of cancer coming back. This is usually given before and after the surgery in a 3 cycles of chemotherapy over 9 weeks. In severe case or advanced cancer (that has spread to other body parts), chemotherapy is considered as a main treatment that may be given for up to 6 months. This treatment is very helpful as it reduces symptoms and let you live longer.

The chemotherapy drugs are generally taken as pills or given into a vein. When drugs enter into the blood, they spread in the entire body. You don’t need to stay in hospital for days, means you can go back to your home on the same day. Chemotherapy is likely to be given in sessions or cycles over a few months. It would be much better if you will consult with your doctors and health consultant. Chemotherapy is a very much considerable treatment option for stomach cancer.

How chemotherapy treatment is provided to the patient? The doctor having experience with chemotherapy treatment will provide for you the medications into a vein by injection or as a drip. These medications are given to you through a little tube (cannula) in your arm, or a delicate plastic tube called a focal line or PICC line. A focal line goes into a vein in your chest and a PICC line is put into a vein over the curve in your arm. With every medical treatment, some side effects and risks are associated and similarly, some unpleasant side effects may cause due to chemotherapy. However these side effects are not for long term and usually diminished once treatment is completed. Not all patients experience the same side effects. You can consult with your doctor what to expect, before and after the treatment.

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