Mesothelioma cases and the money involved

Each coin has two sides. It was all over the media. Court cases were asbestos companies were ordered to pay out unbelievably high amounts of money to compensate former employees who had developed Mesothelioma or other forms of asbestos induced cancers. Lately, though, some of those firms are starting to fight back, because they feel they were taken advantage of.

It was all over the media, jus a few months back ago. Remember that huge firm in Georgia, which was ordered by the court after they had lost their case to pay approximately $ 99 Million dollars in a Mesothelioma class act to his former employees? That company decided to turn tables and sue doctors, testing labs and their lawyers because they suspect that they were victims of a large scam.

This was certainly not for the first time that a previously convicted company decided to start a lawsuit themselves, seeking some of the compensation money back it was previously order to pay out to former employees who developed Mesothelioma. In 1995 a huge asbestos manufacturer did try exactly that but after months of fighting in court, it eventually agreed to a confidentiality agreement in order to avoid further charges.

And probably all of us heard of other things, like lawyers bribing doctors or hospital staff members in order to obtain tweaked reports which they could then use in their cases to their favor, too.

It’s important to see and understand the whole situation. Keep in mind: 40 out of a 1000 formerly employed workers of the asbestos production industry – or in workplaces that naturally come with a high exposure to the material – will get a severe lung disease such as cancer or Mesothelioma.

Some experts in the field of asbestos legal cases estimate an average of $ 52,000 being associated with each claim. A huge part of that is associated with lawyer’s fees, of course. This explains why asbestos cases are sometimes sarcastically called a “lucrative enterprise”, mostly be the defendants who feel like being taken advantage of.

And I can actually confirm that number. I wish I couldn’t, but the fact of the matter is that I have cancer, too. I am actually fortunate to have good coverage through my health care insurance plan. Yet, there are still insane out of pocket costs I need to deal with myself. The cancer treatments, for example, or not fully covered and as you probably know, they are very expensive. And on top of that, my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer seven months before I received my kidney cancer diagnosis. Sometimes we have a monthly bill that exceeds $ 4,000 just for out of pocket medical expenses.

I mention this because it upsets me, that because of some ruthless and greedy people, we as the people cant’ get a hold of our medical costs. It doesn’t matter if you have Mesothelioma or any other cancer, or diabetes or just a bad cold. We all have to deal with the astronomically high costs for drugs and medical treatment.

It’s always the same. Just because of some already “rich beyond belief” people who want more money and therefore abuse the system, the costs for everything will rise higher and higher. And at the end of the day, we have to pay for that. And I had enough already and I’m pretty sure you are with me on that one, right?

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