The Many Benefits That You Can Gain From Chaga

A parasitic fungus known as Chaga mushroom (Inonotus Obliquus) grows on birch trees which thrive in the forest. They look like burnt charcoal and unlike any other mushrooms, the texture is different. It is more similar to a cork which is tough. In some countries, this is popular because of its healing capabilities. It was even known as the “gift of God” because of its power to cure sick individuals.

There are local folks who utilized it as a regular medicinal maintenance in order to balance their health. Others believe that it will keep them looking young, while some use it for longevity and to boost their immunity. According to Alexander Solzhenitsyn who is a Nobel laureate and the one who introduced Chaga to the world, it can fight-off cancer. Upon hearing this, people became curious and they want to try it as well. As of today, many studies have been conducted to discover the capacity of the fungus to heal various dreaded diseases.
There are many health benefits that you can gain when you take it as an alternative medicine. Here are some of them:

* It is an antioxidant.
* It has inflammatory effects.
* It is an immunostimulant.
* It contains phenolic compounds and triterpenoids.
* It also has betulin acid, which can fight-off cancer. It works by preventing the further growth of cancer cells by killing them without affecting the healthy ones.
* It is known to cure breast, cervical, prostate, lung, and stomach cancers.
* This is also effective in treating leukemia, melanoma, and lymphoma.
* This can be utilized as well as an additional medicine during chemotherapy. It relieves side effects and can even strengthen the immune system.

Chaga is not only taken as a tea. There are scientists who made it into a capsule, tablet, and elixir form. These are made for individuals who cannot take the taste of a plain tea. Also, they made a cream out of the fungus. It can be utilized as a topical medicine to relieve any aches and pains due to muscle spasms and deterioration of cartilage. For those who have psoriasis, a recent study has shown that it can completely cure it.

It also has adaptogen, which lessens the chances of getting sick of people who are stressed from work. In some communist countries, it is part of their law that every athlete and astronauts should take chaga as part of their daily diet. This is to boost their mental and physical health. Although it has grown to be popular over the years, you still need to ask your physician if it is safe to take it with your other medications.

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