3 Dangerous Diseases Caused by Bloodborne Pathogens

3 Dangerous Diseases Caused By Bloodborne Pathogens

There are various diseases caused by blood borne pathogens. People are subjected to these pathogens by needle injuries, accidents with sharp instruments, contamination with blood and other body fluids. In case of exposure you must follow the exposure control protocol and afterwards follow up with a doctor for any necessary treatment.

AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome), Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C are 3 diseases caused as a result of exposure to blood borne pathogens.

* AIDS: AIDS or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome is the disease caused by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). AIDS may develop even years after a person is infected by HIV. HIV weakens the body’s immune system making it susceptible to other diseases. There is no known cure for AIDS yet, and it is a fatal disease.

* Modes of Transmission of HIV :

* Sexual contact
* Sharing of needles
* During childbirth
* Through breast milk
* Accidental prick by needle with infected blood
* Contact of infected blood with a open wound or cut

* Symptoms of HIV:
* Weakness
* Fever
* Sore throat
* Nausea
* Diarrhea
* Frequent headache
* White coating on the tongue
* Weight loss
* Swollen lymph nodes

The symptoms of HIV can vary but those mentioned above are some of the most common symptoms.

* Hepatitis B: Hepatitis B is an acute infection of the liver which sometimes becomes chronic. Chronic hepatitis B may result in liver cirrhosis and liver cancer.

* Modes of Transmission of hepatitis B virus (HBV):
* Puncture to mucous membrane or skin
* Contact with infected blood and other human body fluids

This virus is long-lasting. It is said to be infectious even after surviving outside the body for over seven days. Hepatitis B is a chief concern for housekeeping staff, laundry workers, janitors and also non-medical employees who may come in contact with human body fluid that any time.

* Initial symptoms of HBV:
* Fatigue
* Stomach ache
* Loss of appetite
* Nausea

* Final symptoms of HBV:
* Jaundice
* Dark colored urine
* High fever

Nevertheless, HBV infected people may not show any symptoms for some time. It may take up to nine months after exposure for the first symptom to be seen.

* Hepatitis C: Hepatitis C is also an infection of the liver that can be either acute or chronic. Like hepatitis B it may also cause liver cirrhosis and liver cancer but it is more likely for hepatitis B to result in a chronic illness.

* Modes of transmission of Hepatitis C Virus (HCV):
* Injection of drugs
* Needle-prick injury
* During childbirth from infected mother to baby
* Sexual contact
* Sharing of personal belongings

As of now no vaccines exist for hepatitis C. So prevention is the only option here. Always avoid direct contact with human blood and sharing of needles.

Now you know why safety measures are necessary for health care workers. One small mistake and you could be infected with a deathly disease. Infection with blood borne pathogens can be fatal so follow the rules and stay safe.

For more information, please visit our bloodborne pathogens website.

Benefits Of High Fiber Diet

A high fiber diet is a popular choice amongst health conscious individuals these days because of the possible benefits and advantages that it can give you. A high fiber diet usually contains food with high fiber. Fibers are undigested carbohydrates. Our enzymes are unable to break them down and therefore fibers are not absorbed into the bloodstream. Instead of being used for energy, fiber is excreted from our bodies. A good percentage of people still does not consume enough and are putting them in danger. In this topic let’s see the “Benefits of High Fiber Diet” and involvement of high fiber in your daily routine to fight against many diseases.

Fiber falls into two general categories:

1. Water-soluble: Found mostly in oats, fruits and legumes.

2. Water insoluble: Found mostly in grains and vegetables.

As each type of fiber has different benefits, most people on high fiber diets are advised to increase their intake of foods that features both soluble and insoluble fiber.


According to recent research a high fiber diet benefits the heart. Grains like oatmeal, barley and brown rise help to lower the risk of blocked arteries, heart attacks and strokes. Fiber and other nutrients in whole grains help to lower cholesterol, blood sugar and insulin levels. They also improve blood vessel function and reduce circulatory system inflammation.

Recent findings also show that high fiber diets are also beneficial for certain gastrointestinal conditions. Fiber slows the movement of food and acidic fluid from the stomach to the intestines. This helps people with duodenal ulcers by reducing the exposure of stomach acids to small intestine.

A high fiber diet helps waste material to pass through your system. A huge concern for most individuals today is body wastes are not fully cleared. If this condition arises then chances of cancer cells to take hold and multiply increase. Shortly we can say high fiber diet benefits in the fight against colon cancer.

In addition to reducing the risk of certain chronic diseases high fiber diets have other benefits too. Fiber fills the stomach and there by reduces the appetite. Thus high fiber diets protect against obesity. So include more fiber in your diet to reduce the risk of obesity related diseases.

Whole wheat breads, wheat bran, rye, whole grains, cabbage, beets, carrots, Brussels sprouts, turnips, cauliflower and apple skin are fully loaded with fiber. By including these fiber foods you can prevent constipation. As fiber passes through the body largely intact, soaking up water like a sponge and adds bulk and softness to the stool. This not only prevents constipation but also speeds the rate at which the food goes through your system.

Oats, oat bran, beans, peas, rice bran, citrus fruits, strawberries and apple pulp are full of soluble fiber. As soluble fiber passes through the digestive system it binds to dietary cholesterol and helps the body to eliminate it.

Fiber diet benefits type 2 diabetes patients too. Vascular inflammation is common in type 2 diabetes. Hence these patients should eat more whole grain products and cereal fiber to reduce the risk of inflammation.


Did you ever imagine the “Benefits of High Fiber Diet” can create wonders in your life? So if possible eat fiber filled whole fruits instead of drinking fiber less fruit juices. Eat more fiber; you have come to know why fiber diet is so good for your health? To receive the greatest health benefit, eat a wide variety of high fiber foods.

Prostate Cancer Screening: A Confusing Topic For Men

All men are at risk for prostate cancer as they age. While certain factors, such as age, ethnicity and family history can increase the likelihood, the simple fact is any man can get and die from this particular disease. Known to be highly treatable in its earliest stages, prostate cancer is a sticky subject for both men and their doctors. As early screening protocols and recommendations remain in flux, this issue is likely to persist. The turmoil in recommendations has raised concerns for some in the medical field while leading men to find they are not receiving all the facts about this disease from their healthcare providers.

A recent study took a closer look at this topic and what men reported hearing from their doctors. A total of 1,700 patients nationwide were asked to fill out a questionnaire related to prostate-specific antigen testing and prostate cancer. Only 17 percent of patients reported being told that discord exists in the profession about whether PSA tests should be used for screening. Only 23 percent of men said they were told that some forms of prostate cancer are very slow growing and need no immediate treatment as a result. Only 25 percent of patients said they were told that PSA screening isn’t always accurate. About 31 percent of respondents said they had been told that prostate cancer of any kind can lead to serious complications, such as incontinence and erectile dysfunction.

What’s causing the state of confusion and the lack of information?

A number of changes in recommendations have been made in recent years. Some recommendations say men age 50 or up should undergo screening. Others recommend screen should take place between ages 55 to 69, or earlier if a man is at a particular high risk for the disease. Complicating matters more, the PSA test, the main screening tool used, has been taken off the table as routine exam by the U.S. Preventative Services Task Force. While the test is known to produce a high frequency of false positives, as that organization notes, other groups say the PSA should continue to be used because it offers insight into the potential the disease might be present.

With no hard-and-fast rules, doctors and the men they treat have been left with a confusing situation to navigate. This situation has led some to suggest that screening should take place, but patients should be fully informed that results are not always accurate. Shared decision making, they say, should go into prostate cancer detection and any treatment that may result if positive results are found.

The bottom line is that an estimated 180,000 American men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer this year alone. Some 26,000 men will die from the disease. Known to be highly treatable in its earliest forms, this disease is one that all men should discuss with their healthcare providers. The best recommendations in a man’s case will come from a personal physician aware of the patient’s medical and family history.

Pregnancy and Child Birth with Best Gynecologist of Pune

A common understanding amongst people is that a gynecologist is a doctor who treats women during pregnancy and childbirth. But in reality it is Obstetrics which is a specialty of medicine that deals with pregnancy and childbirth and is also closely associated with gynecology. While obstetrics deals with pregnancy and childbirth, gynecology is a specialty of medicine which deals with the diseases, disorders and the treatment of female reproductive organs.

Both obstetrics and gynecology are closely associated with each other and deal with health care for women during pregnancy and childbirth along with other problems connected to the reproductive system in women which includes preventive care, prenatal care, and detection of sexually transmitted diseases, Pap smear test and also family planning. It is also commonly found that all gynecologists are also obstetricians as these two specialties overlap.

Gynecology is a word that is derived from the ancient Greek word gyne or gynaika which means women. Thus gynecology literally is the study of woman and their health care. The female reproductive system is made of different parts like ovary, uterus, fallopian tube, cervix and vagina. It is designed to carry out several functions. Problems to any part of the female reproductive system are considered to be gynecological problems which call for medical intervention, without which the problems can cause damages which are irreversible. The risk factors involved vary from one ailment to another. If cancer is fatal, infertility is a problem where one cannot conceive without proper treatment. Some of the gynecological problems that are commonly seen in women are:

* Menopause – a part of woman’s life when the menstrual cycle stops and she is no more fertile.

* Ovarian Cysts is a sac formed on the surface of women’s ovary during ovulation which holds the maturing egg. If the sac closes up after the egg is released, the sac can swell up with fluid causing some problems.

* Pelvic Inflammatory Disease occurs when women cannot conceive naturally or carry pregnancy to full term. This infection can cause scar tissue in the pelvic organ which may lead to infertility.

* Uterine Fibroids are the lumps that grow on the walls of the uterus which are not cancerous but may or may not create trouble.

* Cervical Cancer – The growth of abnormal and uncontrollable cells in the cervix causes cervical cancer which can often be cured if detected early through Pap test.

* Ovarian Cancer happens when abnormal cells grow in one or both the ovaries which could be cured if found early in the early stages.

As these problems call for medical intervention, it is needed to approach the best in the profession. Being home to best gynecologists of Pune, some of the hospitals here provide the best of services and outstanding facilities. Keeping health care of women as priority these hospitals with highly qualified gynecologists, work towards finding solution for these problems faced by women.

Nontoxic and Healthy Thyroid Vitamins

Amid the several important glands inside your body, is your thyroid gland. This gland and its butterfly like look (actually two lobes) is close to the Adams Apple within the neck. It’s this gland which possesses the assignment of forming hormones which normalize the metabolism (among additional things). Disease of this important gland have been repeatedly unobserved or misdiagnosed, producing problems afterward on for many. As soon as medical troubles take place with it, dietary supplements might become essential.

Usually your signs or symptoms are triggered as a result of either very little hormones (hypothyroidism) or to a lesser extent: too many (hyperthyroidism). It could even expand out of size producing a obstruction to the total throat function. These circumstances could have a harsh impact throughout your body and entail exclusive treatment to amend. The nodules in fact survive naturally in your thyroid gland, nevertheless with troubles can get bigger to proportions which would make it hard to inhale.

The enlarged gland could also become cancerous needing a needle biopsy (most common biopsy meant for this) to detect. If confirmed chemotherapy possibly will be necessary to remove it. There is a high survival degree from this type of cancer. Most in society today have hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism. Some might go an entire lifetime without ever knowing it. When identified with hypothyroidism people could be dealt with by means of a prescription for the remainder of their life.

Treatment designed for hypothyroidism is treated by ways which dwindle its iodine production. Amongst the signs or symptoms which might be experienced from thyroid disorders may be found short of of energy, weight issues, unhappiness, hair damage, severe intestinal actions along with further odd troubles. Should you be experiencing these, you ought to ask your physician to examine you for thyroid disorders. The normal treatment for hyperthyroidism has been radioactive iodine that essentially will damage a section of your gland.

Although surgery may perhaps be performed or additional drugs utilized in some conditions. In any case, the therapy shall be accomplished by way of sustained medical assessment. This will be an ongoing procedure or the thyroid may go back to its previous state. Surgery is averted whenever feasible, owed to its possibility to injure your voice box. It’s recommended within these conditions to lower iodine intake from new sources.

Lately, a big amount of homeopathic scientific tests have delivered many unconventional medications, such as Thyromine. These use natural products which assist manipulating hormone imbalances. Holistic experts generally recommend dietetic plus iodine health supplements. In addition they also recommend particular meditation, yoga positioning, dieting adjustment, and more. It might depend on your individual thyroid problem.

Often, homeopathic specialists shall prescribe natural iodine making foods with nutrients that might produce superior results. Among the foods incorporated, are cheese, fish as well as milk produce. While this is good for those who have hypothyroidism, they ought to be avoided by those with hyperthyroidism (as they should be lowering iodine intake).

As you can observe on the net there are a quantity of other natural dietary supplements which can be effective for thyroid problems besides Thyromine. You might stumble on several ads on the web claiming all sorts of different things. To be safe it is always recommended to confer the issue with a health care provider to recognize possibly harmful health side effects from what you ingest. At any time you might require to modify your medication regime.

Chemotherapy for Stomach Cancer

Stomach cancer is a relatively common cancer develops from the stomach lining. Loss of appetite, heartburn, nausea, and upper abdominal pain are some frequently symptoms of stomach cancer. In severe cases, difficulty swallowing, yellow skin, weight loss, blood in the stool among others and vomiting may experience by the patient. The exact cause of stomach cancer is yet not clear, however, doctors believe that there is a strong connection between diet rich in smoke, salt and pickle food and stomach cancer. The best thing is that stomach cancer is curable now.

Chemotherapy, an anti- cancer drugs specifically designed to lower or stop the development of quick dividing cancer cells in the human body. This drug contains another drug named cytotoxic, circulate in the blood around the body and work by disrupting the development of the cancer cells. This treatment is given as per the individual condition, sometimes used as an initial treatment to damage cancer cells, sometimes given prior to other treatment in order to shrink a tumor, sometimes to let up on advanced cancer symptoms, and in some cases used to damage any left cancer cells after other treatment.

Chemotherapy is recommended in several ways to treat cancer, however, Perioperative Chemotherapy is one of the most common uses of chemotherapy that shrinks the cancer to make the surgery more successful and also lessens the chance of cancer coming back. This is usually given before and after the surgery in a 3 cycles of chemotherapy over 9 weeks. In severe case or advanced cancer (that has spread to other body parts), chemotherapy is considered as a main treatment that may be given for up to 6 months. This treatment is very helpful as it reduces symptoms and let you live longer.

The chemotherapy drugs are generally taken as pills or given into a vein. When drugs enter into the blood, they spread in the entire body. You don’t need to stay in hospital for days, means you can go back to your home on the same day. Chemotherapy is likely to be given in sessions or cycles over a few months. It would be much better if you will consult with your doctors and health consultant. Chemotherapy is a very much considerable treatment option for stomach cancer.

How chemotherapy treatment is provided to the patient? The doctor having experience with chemotherapy treatment will provide for you the medications into a vein by injection or as a drip. These medications are given to you through a little tube (cannula) in your arm, or a delicate plastic tube called a focal line or PICC line. A focal line goes into a vein in your chest and a PICC line is put into a vein over the curve in your arm. With every medical treatment, some side effects and risks are associated and similarly, some unpleasant side effects may cause due to chemotherapy. However these side effects are not for long term and usually diminished once treatment is completed. Not all patients experience the same side effects. You can consult with your doctor what to expect, before and after the treatment.

Why the Need for Januvia Lawsuit Attorneys when Filing your Case?

Januvia is common medication sought after by individuals suffering from type 2 diabetes. As much as the drug is presumed to control the level of sugar in the blood stream, recent reports claim that januvia happens to do more harm than good to patients. A good reason why januvia cancer pancreatic claims have become rampant is the fact that the drug is reported to cause acute pancreatitis, which other than causing intense pain and discomfort, can lead to death.

There are many side effects triggered by continued use of januvia. These may include fever, nausea, and skin rash among many others. The Food and Drug Administration has set up warnings that will help type 2 diabetics regarding use of this drug. Going through vital information of this nature will assist you before filing a januvia cancer lawsuit.

If you or a loved one is suffering from any effects of januvia, the very first step would be to contact januvia lawsuit attorneys near you. The process of filing januvia cancer lawsuit claims can be intense. Without sound legal advice from januvia lawsuit attorneys, you or your family might not end up getting a reasonable compensation.

The only way that the manufacturer of the drug will be held accountable is by filing a januvia cancer lawsuit. Compensation may be availed in different forms. It could be through payment of medical bills, lost wages, suffering, and even pain. The most critical aspect of winning this januvia lawsuit cancer is getting expert legal counsel.

For starters, you need attorneys, as it is not very easy to sue a global pharmaceutical company on your own. The januvia lawsuit cancer can be overwhelming and you need guidance for the entire process to be successful. You might not have the strength and ability to conduct the entire procedure without the help of your attorney especially if you are in pain or experiencing any form of suffering.

Furthermore, a good attorney comes with the much-needed experience. Experience is very critical when dealing with januvia cancer lawsuit cases. Januvia lawsuit attorneys with experience are capable of identifying loopholes that will make you win the suit and get the best compensation you deserve from the manufacturer. In fact, with well-experienced attorneys, you will get legal advice from the onset of your chances of succeeding and the compensation to expect so as to avoid spending time and money on cases that have a very low likelihood of succeeding.

No one should avoid the services of a professional lawyer when filing this lawsuit. For starters, the services can be obtained on a contingency basis. This means that, you need not have to make any payments prior to safeguarding compensation after filing the januvia lawsuit cancer. Look for an attorney that you can hire and enjoy their services and make payments after the compensation is secured. This avoids the chances of filing a januvia lawsuit cancer claim that will not go anywhere since no lawyer will waste their time on cases that are not likely to emerge successful.

Keloids and Kidney Stone Specialist Doctor in Delhi

Keloids are a type of scare which is composed mainly of early or late collagen. They occur due to overgrowth of granulation tissue or early collagen at the site of a healed skin injury which is then slowly replaced by late collagen. Keloids are firm, rubbery lesions or shiny, fibrous nodules, and can vary from pink to flesh-colored or red to dark brown in color. A keloid scar is benign and not contagious, but sometimes accompanied by severe itchiness and pain, and changes in texture. In severe cases, it can affect movement of skin.

Keloids form within scar tissue. Collagen, used in wound repair, tends to overgrow in this area, sometimes producing a lump many times larger than that of the original scar. Although they usually occur at the site of an injury, keloids can also arise spontaneously. They can occur at the site of a piercing and even from something as simple as a pimple or scratch.

They can occur as a result of severe acne or chickenpox scarring, infection at a wound site, repeated trauma to an area, excessive skin tension during wound closure or a foreign body in a wound. Keloids can sometimes be sensitive to chlorine. Keloid scars can grow, if they appear at a younger age, because the body is still growing.
Changes in the cellular signals that control growth and proliferation may be related to the process of keloid formation, but these changes have not yet been characterized scientifically.

If you feel that your wound scar is increasing abruptly than go to your doctor now. It can be a keloid. Consult a keloid specialist doctor right now.

Most of the people have suffered from kidney stones at least once in their life. Especially those people who drink water that has excess of salts like calcium and magnesium. Kidney stones also known as renal stones is a solid concretion or crystal aggregation formed in the kidneys from dietary minerals in the urine. Urinary stones are typically classified by their location in the kidney (nephrolithiasis), ureter (ureterolithiasis), or bladder (cystolithiasis), or by their chemical composition (calcium-containing, struvite, uric acid, or other compounds).

Dietary factors that increase the risk of stone formation include low fluid intake, and high dietary intake of animal protein, sodium, refined sugars, fructose and high fructose corn syrup, oxalate, grapefruit juice, apple juice, and cola drinks. Kidney stones can also result from infection of urinary tract which is known as struvite or infection stones. Intake of water that has high content of calcium and other electrolytes can also increase the risk of having kidney stones.

Kidney stones can be identified by sudden onset of excruciating, cramping pain in the lower back of or on the side, groin, or abdomen. It is also often accompanied by nausea and vomiting. If you are having any of the above given symptoms than consult a kidney specialist doctor today and get yourself diagnosed for timely treatment now.

Lung Cancer's Signs and Symptoms

Signs and Indications of Lung Cancer are useful resources in the prediction of the severity of lung cancer. It is perplexing to find that about 20 to 25 percent of patients who are affected by lung cancer frequently exhibit no precise sign or indication of lung cancer. Most times, the patient and the clinician might not exactly consider the possibilities of lung cancer because the signs and symptoms of lung cancer won’t be prevalent.

Whenever a cough is observed to exist for a considerable amount of time, then clinically one ought to include it as a sign as well as indication of lung cancer in the affected person. Experienced doctors who proficiently handle signs and symptoms of lung cancer may look at TB as factors for differential diagnosis in patients revealing emaciation and chronic cough. There’s clinical suspicion particularly in the event the patient brings out some blood during coughing.

Lung cancer might be suspected if the affected person exhibits indicators like determined chest discomfort or agony at the shoulders or if the patient exhibits respiring activity but with difficulties. In a case of successive distribution of lung cancer over bones there may be hoarseness or pain in bones, and again one has to rule out lung cancer. The signs and evidence of lung cancer must be researched broadly in order to make an effective diagnosis. As well, a sudden panting episode is also included as a sign and indication of lung cancer.

Signs as well as indications of lung cancer to be considered involve the existence of persistent body discomfort in a generic form, a feeling of depression for a very long time, and a sense of weariness for a lengthy period. Cancer in lung tissues might be accompanied by paraneoplastic symptoms and raised calcium serum of these patients and this is to be regarded as an indirect sign and symptom of lung cancer.

The signs and symptoms of lung cancer are perplexing to not just the thoracic specialist and also to the patient with variable degrees of lung cancer. Even an expert has to continually obtain extra data on the latest kinds of straightforward signs and symptoms that may arouse doubts on the presence of lung cancer in the influenced patients. This needs constant research discoveries of medical doctors linked with controlling out the incidences of lung cancer based on the signs and evidence of lung cancer.