What Is The Real Cause Of Skin Cancer?

Skin cancer is one of the most horrible diseases that could happen to anyone. As far as in modern medical knowledge has identify the major causes of skin cancer which consist of some risky activities. Many people seem to be more concern about how to protect and stay away from the disease. However, it is likely that apart from the person who may have genetic disease of skin cancer, the disease happen more to the one who work or live in the environment that has greater chance of skin cancer. According to this reasons for the once who living or working in such the environment have to be very careful and aware of these threads and also to find the way of effective protections. You may find the following details useful in terms of the identification of major cause of skin cancer, and to consider whether you are the one who are in such environment and in order to prepare in case you found that you are in early stage of the disease.

We will have a look at the first condition that usually (and most of the time) is the major cause of skin cancer, the sunlight. According to the fact that sunlight extremely has benefit to human’s health and the human body can not work functionally without sunlight. This is because the sunlight has Ultra Violet Radiations, which is really necessary to human body to generate important glucose and haemoglobin. However, in the same time, the ultraviolet radiation is also the major cause of skin cancer if there are exceed in the amount that the person take it. For example, considering the person who has to work in the condition such as golf caddy, these people is obviously have to face with very strong sunlight all the time. Some people in this job category may try to protect themselves by wearing cloth that prevent the skin to have direct contact with the sunlight, but in fact, the ultraviolet radiation still radiate to the skin even though it is not a direct contact. The only one way of protection is to wear thick cloth to prevent radiation or using anti-UV lotion apply on the skin.

When talk about the radiation, the other condition that may risk of skin cancer and quickly come into my mind is for the person who work in a hospital, in the x-ray room. Yes, it is one of the most risk condition for skin cancer. As same as the radiation of the UV sunlight, x-ray contain some radioactive substances that impact to the human skin and cause cancer if the person has direct contact too often.

Other condition that may risk of skin cancer, apart from those two major factors is to have direct contact with some kind of chemical substances such as hydrocarbons and arsenic. We can see these days as many kind of what we use in everyday life contains these kind of chemicals. In some case, for many women who have to use excessive cosmetic on daily basis could also risk to have skin cancer.

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