Maclaren Strollers And Parenting Fundamentals

New parents face many problems and issues that they are expected to understand and deal with immediately. Unfortunately, newborns do not come with an instruction book so here are a few topics that you may need to know about.

Giving your baby a bath: Although this sounds archaic almost, the baby’s umbilical cord is still attached when you take it home and until it comes off within the first two weeks you can only give your baby sponge baths. You should use a cotton swab and lightly dab at your baby around the umbilical. Use clean water and lightly clean the area – do not be alarmed by the dried blood, this is completely natural.

Transportation from the Hospital: When leaving the hospital it is a good idea to wrap your baby up in a few layers to protect them from the elements. Even the sun can do damage to your newborn baby so it’s not just about keeping them warm. The best way is to carry them but if this is not possible then I highly recommend a strong and sturdy stroller that the best and most recommended are Maclaren Stollers.

Circumcision: This point is almost mute as now a days it is only because of religion that this is generally allowed to happen, but all the same it is a part of the process that is not often talked about, almost taboo – which is a sad endightment really. The reasons for it are to lower the risks of urinary tract infections and to eliminate just about any chance of penile cancer. There are no known long term emotional problems as a result of this operation

Crib death (SIDS): Many studies have been done regarding SIDS. Although the cause of SIDS has not been definitely defined, there are some correlations that have been made between SIDS and the following things:

The transportation of your baby is important, and safety should be the primary concern Maclaren strollers are the trusted name in baby strollers and you cannot go wrong with the comfort, reliability and high levels of safety that come with owning a Maclaren Stroller.

Prematurity makes it more likely that your child will suffer sudden infant death syndrome, but as mentioned, this is something that is on the decrease

Bath time with your child is all about encouraging the bond between mother and child, but remember that during the first few weeks whilst the umbilical cord is still attached ,extra care needs to be taken at bath time.

Most important beyond all this serious foreboding is to enjoy your new baby! Remember that these moments will not last forever and soon you will look back and wonder what happened to the time- so enjoy and cherish this moment

Babies who occupy a home with a smoker are more likely to affected by sleeping conditions including SIDS. There are so many health risks associated with smoking, but on the subject of SIDS, if this isn’t motivation enough to stop, then nothing is.

It is a common belief that sleeping with your baby reduces the risk of SIDS, but the American Academy of Pediatrics disagree with this statement and go on to say that there is a greater risk of SIDS in babies who co-sleep. It is also a really bad habit to get your baby into

As I mentioned earlier, the primary way to massively reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome is to sleep your baby on his/her back. This is still debated and I honestly don’t know why. If you have concerns, talk to your pediatrician.

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