Breast Cancer Support Services

Going through the misery of breast cancer and the tiredness associated with its treatment can easily make you give up hope. You will feel lonesome even in presence of your family since they’ll treat you as a fragile object sometimes, at other times, insensitively. What you really need is some understanding, which only people who have suffered what you have can give you.

There are many support groups for women with breast cancer. These groups have been initiated and run by previous breast cancer patients and survivors, and by women who are still undergoing treatment. They provide all the relevant information needed for the treatment and coping of your cancer. These women will understand your problems and fears perfectly, having themselves gone through the same phase as you, and will give you a new hope where treatment seemed just a dreaded task to get done with. Your solitude will disappear within minutes, and you’ll find yourself discovering new friends in these women.

Susan G. Komen’s, besides providing you all the information on breast cancer that you may need, has internal research projects to help you cure better and faster. Being the largest group of breast cancer survivors, you will never feel left out in the presence of these women. Also are groups, like and, which have chat rooms where breast cancer survivors and activists can meet up and interact with each other, receive news on latest developments in the field, and suggest better treatment methods as well as inform you on the prevalent technology and breast cancer know-how.

Two women diagnosed with breast cancer realized the needs and hardships faced by breast cancer victims, and in 1988 started for helping women like them with breast cancer issues. There are so many people in the world who want to help you with your problems because they know how it feels; all that you have to do is look around and as for that help!

These organizations will not give you a magical power to fight breast cancer. They just let you know that you are not the only one going through these miseries, and that, in no manner, do you have to be the only one to face them. They stand by you, cheer you up, and see you through it through the sheer power of understanding. You, too, will find yourself developing affection for them, and might even want to volunteer to help other scared women, just by being friends with them. This will give you a mental strength for surviving your treatment, more than you can now imagine.

Support groups are not limited to providing you emotional support; in case of financial needs, many people will volunteer donations for your treatment, just as you might, some day when you are cured, for another woman. There is no reason why you should stay lonely and fight this when you have so many people who willingly want to stand by you.

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