Are Sunbeds Healthy ?

The idea of a sun tan representing health or affluence is a recent trend. Before the 1950’s, people were very conscious of keeping their skin out of the sun. Indeed, someone that was heavily tanned may be thought of as some that worked outdoors in a poorly paid job and exposed to too much sun.

As people became more prosperous in the 1950’s, leisure time became more of a lifestyle choice. People would spend time at the beach or have social activities outdoors. They had money and vacation time to go to warmer and sunnier climates.

Pretty soon an all over tan could indicate affluence or a healthy lifestyle (which is not completely untrue). Looking tanned became desirable to the extent that people would go to the beach or spend time outdoors purely to get a sun tan.

The idea of having a year round sun tan soon became popular. Also, people wanted to get a tan before they started their annual vacation. With demand for these needs to be met, the idea of the sunbed evolved.

Ever since the development of the sunbed they have proved to be very popular. Tanning salons pop up at every mall or shopping center. Many gyms have a tanning salon too which reinforces the link between a tan and a healthy lifestyle.

But the question that most people that use sunbeds have and then prefer to put to the back of their minds is do sunbeds cause cancer ?

The answer is very clear. Any tanning of the skin using ultraviolet (UV) radiation will eventually cause skin cancer. The amount or frequency of exposure may vary from individual to individual, based on things like their skin type or a family history of skin cancer, but eventually it will cause the development of skin cancer.

Many people that use sunbeds may be at pains to point out that the radiation that a sunbed uses is different to the radiation from the Sun. UVB radiation is responsible for burning the skin in the Sun. It has a different frequency to the radiation used in sunbeds. A sunbed uses UVA radiation, that was thought to not be as harmful to the skin. For instance, it does not cause the skin to burn. However, recent research suggests that this is not the case and any UV radiation is harmful to the skin.

The salient point to all this is that any form of tanning of the skin will lead to skin cancer at some point. Maybe you will be fortunate and never reach that point during your life but the aim of skin cancer prevention is to limit a persons exposure to the cause of skin cancer, ultra violet radiation. That is why people should always wear sunscreen when outdoors. They should try to cover their skin with clothing and wear a hat and sunglasses when out in the Sun.

Lying on a sunbed once a week is like going in the sun with none of this protection. Under the circumstances, it seems like a potentially high price to pay to have a ‘healthy’ tan.

The Many Benefits That You Can Gain From Chaga

A parasitic fungus known as Chaga mushroom (Inonotus Obliquus) grows on birch trees which thrive in the forest. They look like burnt charcoal and unlike any other mushrooms, the texture is different. It is more similar to a cork which is tough. In some countries, this is popular because of its healing capabilities. It was even known as the “gift of God” because of its power to cure sick individuals.

There are local folks who utilized it as a regular medicinal maintenance in order to balance their health. Others believe that it will keep them looking young, while some use it for longevity and to boost their immunity. According to Alexander Solzhenitsyn who is a Nobel laureate and the one who introduced Chaga to the world, it can fight-off cancer. Upon hearing this, people became curious and they want to try it as well. As of today, many studies have been conducted to discover the capacity of the fungus to heal various dreaded diseases.
There are many health benefits that you can gain when you take it as an alternative medicine. Here are some of them:

* It is an antioxidant.
* It has inflammatory effects.
* It is an immunostimulant.
* It contains phenolic compounds and triterpenoids.
* It also has betulin acid, which can fight-off cancer. It works by preventing the further growth of cancer cells by killing them without affecting the healthy ones.
* It is known to cure breast, cervical, prostate, lung, and stomach cancers.
* This is also effective in treating leukemia, melanoma, and lymphoma.
* This can be utilized as well as an additional medicine during chemotherapy. It relieves side effects and can even strengthen the immune system.

Chaga is not only taken as a tea. There are scientists who made it into a capsule, tablet, and elixir form. These are made for individuals who cannot take the taste of a plain tea. Also, they made a cream out of the fungus. It can be utilized as a topical medicine to relieve any aches and pains due to muscle spasms and deterioration of cartilage. For those who have psoriasis, a recent study has shown that it can completely cure it.

It also has adaptogen, which lessens the chances of getting sick of people who are stressed from work. In some communist countries, it is part of their law that every athlete and astronauts should take chaga as part of their daily diet. This is to boost their mental and physical health. Although it has grown to be popular over the years, you still need to ask your physician if it is safe to take it with your other medications.

Research Has Shown A Relationship Between Testosterone And Impotence

A man’s relationship to his penis tends to be what defines him as a man, whether or not you agree. Sexual potency is incredibly important to any relationship and when there are issues with erection, it can be more than just a physical annoyance – it can be an ego blow. There is something to the feeling that you are less of man when dealing with impotency because there is a relationship between testosterone and impotence.

What is testosterone? In the simplest terms it is a hormone. Hormones can wreck havoc on the body, no matter the gender. The clearest indication of the power of hormones in women can be seen during pregnancy and the wild mood swings that accompany bodily changes.

Impotence, or erectile dysfunction (ED), has been found to be linked clearly to androgens. These are steroidal hormones of which testosterone is a part and they both stimulate and control the growth of male characteristics. ED is predominantly an affliction of age because of the deterioration of a number of health factors.

As men age, there are a number of diseases and disease risk factors that can come up as a result of androgen depletion. These issues are familiar to anyone going through the aging process including loss of muscle strength and mass, along with issues of bone density. Whether low testosterone causes these issues or these issues cause low testosterone is unknown, but low levels of the hormone have been targeted as a major factor in cardiovascular disease.

Erections are normally created through the trapping of blood within the body of the penis, which create pressure and volume. While that sounds simple, an erection is really the interplay of endocrine, neurological, hormonal, and vascular. The penile corpus cavernosum, where blood will pool when creating an erection, is really just an arena for vasculature.

Within men with erectile problems, there can be a difference in the very construction of the vasculature within the penis.

Hypogonadism is a term that applies to men that have low androgen levels and cannot create new hormones within their testicles. Symptoms include a lack of interest in sex, inability to orgasm, and the inability to achieve orgasm.

Decreased libido can include more than just not feeling like having sex and can have the man unable to achieve an orgasm along with an intense depression. Men and their penises are intimately connected, no pun intended. Low serum testosterone is linked to metabolic syndrome, which is seen in men that are clinically obese.

In fact there have been studies that show obesity, insulin resistance, and testosterone are all interlinked with one another. This was found by looking at the amounts of serum androgens in men with type II diabetes. Clearly, the penis can act as a measure of overall health in a man.

The relationship between low testosterone and impotence has been established, but there are circumstances such as being obese that make androgen production difficult to achieve in the first place. Staying fit and living a healthy active lifestyle can make erectile dysfunction a rarity rather than an inevitability.

Learning About Prostate Cancer

Talking about a disease named Cancer gives an individual a heavy feeling within the chest. It’s a extremely serious sort of illness that when one has it, he can never escape it. The quantity of individuals diagnosed with cancer is continually accelerating as time rolls by and the amount of people expiring from this disease is steadily increasing as well . Today, folk should become more health aware. There are a lot of instances whereby cancer can be developed due to our way of life and from severe stress. Being a heavy smoker could cause lung cancer. Everyday intake of beef or carcinogenic foods could cause cancer of the colon. Less intake of calcium rich foods can cause bone cancer. These are just few of those examples where cancer develops because of our everyday way of life.

Lifestyle alteration, daily intake of tasty foods and exercise can help prevent the occurrence of cancer. However , if cancer runs in the family’s blood, there’s nothing else to do but to just accept the reality. Cancer is hereditary thus it is important to do early detection to every member of the family so as to know if you have cancer. The commonest type of cancer that a female develops is breast cancer. Breast cancer is one of the premiere cause of mortality in girls. Breast sensitivity, presence of pile, discomfort, nipple and breast changes are few of the leading indicators of breast cancer. When these are experienced and felt, it is important to go to the closest doctor so as to have your knockers checked and to do required interventions.

If females have breast cancer, in males, they have prostate testicular cancer. This type of cancer generally occurs in men aging 45 years and over. Prostate trouble is also the number 1 reason for mortality in men aside from lung cancer. Evidence of prostate problems are frequently silent and are noticed when the illness is in a complicated and progressive stage. When there is pain upon urinating or when there is presence of blood or pus in the piss, agony in the back and pain upon ejaculation, then the need to visit the doctor is a must.

Prostate cancer can end up in barrenness in men if not noted in an early stage. Testicular cancer detection is possible thru performing testicular self-exams. This is mostly done once each month most preferably when taking a shower. Through performing this, you can identify if there are changes with the size, form and feel of the testicles. The chance for survival is high when early detection is done. Surviving breast cancer and prostate cancer can be done when the patient undergoes surgery. Through performing surgery, the affected part is removed thus stop the dissemination of cancer to different parts of the body. Medicines are then prescribed to completely dump the cancer-infected cells in the body.

Every individual should be aware of the different signs and symptoms of cancer. Early detection, being health conscious and wise are important elements in keeping our bodies safe and free of any illness.

Keeping the bodies healthy should always be a part of every individual’s priority. It’s a must to visit your doctor when we feel our bodies getting weak or when we feel something unusual. We never really know that what we already experience are evidence of cancer. There are a lot of info you can gather with regards to cancer when you visit

The particular Dangers Regarding Breast implant Surgeries

Breast surgery is no different from any other intrusive surgical treatment, in that from it will come a number of dangers along with unwanted side effects. Many health professionals propose steering clear of surgery unless of course it’s completely important like a last holiday resort evaluate.

Breast implants surgical treatment can be under no circumstances any last determine when you will discover other non-invasive techniques accessible to you personally.

Listed here are simply a number of the complications that will come up with busts surgical treatment:

— Disease: At any time your whole body can be currently being managed for you operate the particular risks involving overseas bacteria infecting your system. Attacks could assortment anyplace from moderate in order to significant, with gentle becoming curable through oral antibiotics and severe demanding a great deal a lot more radical selections in order to cure. An infection is just not any danger once you make use of a additional purely natural method.

* Lower back Suffering: After you unusually improve your breast dimension, that you are putting a good further anxiety fill on your body to help these kinds of brand-new and more substantial breasts. For several folks this may lead to extreme upper back suffering, for their physiques were not designed to be in a position all of a sudden support this particular further excess weight. In case a girl chooses a new method besides surgical treatment to boost your ex knocker size gradually along with naturally, the girl physique may have enough time required to adjust to this brand new fill at a right tempo and she will most likely n’t have any rear suffering.

* Injury Resulting in Muscle mass Paralysis: injury could occur along with virtually any plastic surgery procedure. Personal injury takes place in the event that nerve fibres usually are expanded, reduce, or even cauterized. Neurological damage involves this spectrum by physical nerve failures (feeling numb in addition to pins and needles discomfort) in order to electric motor neural cuts (weak spot as well as paralysis regarding selected muscle groups). In case a neurological will be drastically broken, the particular effects may perhaps always be permanent. With face reduction surgery there’s normally a small possibility of destructive your reduce branch of the skin nerve that will handles your reduce lip. Whenever damaged, individuals encounter reduction associated with experience and also powerplant perform inside the impacted place. If this type of sensation problems will be lower, it can result in a new short-term or perhaps everlasting reduced lip asymmetry. Having said that, in case the lack of feeling is just stretched, ordinary perform will give back with 6 to two months.

— Scar problems: Whilst the particular technologies pertaining to breast enhancement surgical procedures has got a great deal far better above the particular years, it’s nonetheless unavoidable that the surgery in which slices wide open any part of the chest muscles can possibly abandon a new keloid. Nearly all girls are previously somewhat nervous with regards to the search of the chest, and the last factor that is necessary will be scar tissue including a further degree of problem.

– Cancer: It has also been found in which breast implants surgical procedure can easily someday result in any form regarding breast cancers, regarded because anaplastic large mobile lymphoma. This particular form of most cancers can easily, as with most cancer, result in loss of life.

– What about anesthesia ? dangers: Anytime you receive place under what about anesthesia ?, there are many linked health hazards. Numerous men and women usually do not respond nicely to anesthesia, and also it is normally most effective to prevent being put underneath in case in any way achievable.

They are simply a handful of of your lots of dangers as well as risks which in turn have breast surgery.

Increased Risk of Bladder Cancer Puts Actos in Legal Challenges

Actos (Pioglitazone), the most widely used diabetes medication in the world, is now facing multiple legal challenges due to the recent warning about the risk of developing bladder cancer with the drug. According to several recent reports, the litigation involving the type II diabetes medication is now heating up. Personal injury attorneys are anticipating hundreds of Actos bladder cancer lawsuits will likely be filed in the upcoming months on behalf of bladder cancer victims.

The filing of lawsuits in United States began just weeks after the FDA announcement issued in June 2011 concerning Actos bladder cancer risk. According to a recent report, more than 25 Actos bladder cancer lawsuits have already filed against the manufacturer (Takeda Pharmaceuticals) in different federal district courts so far this September. Moreover, according the requests from the Actos bladder cancer affected patients, personal injury lawyers are now predicting thousands of lawsuits may be filed before the end of the year.

The first Actos bladder cancer lawsuit was filed on behalf of a woman named Nancy Rios, a 54-year-old hospital secretary who filed her lawsuit due to her recurrent bladder cancer for Actos use. She was using the drug for nearly a decade. She was first diagnosed with bladder cancer in 2009, and had her second operation to remove bladder tumors in this June, according to a recent report of Associated Press. In addition, she was worried about her medical expenses and missing more work in future. She also stated that she could lose her bladder and perhaps need chemotherapy for her cancerous tumors.

Rios alleged in her lawsuit that the manufacturer (Takeda Pharmaceuticals Ltd.) failed to adequately research their medication, and liable for not properly warning patients and doctors about the possible risk of developing bladder cancer with the long-term use of the medication.

Furthermore, A petition was filed in late august for consolidation of Actos bladder cancer lawsuits in a multidistrict litigation. According to a recent report, Plaintiffs Glen and Nina Weant, who filed the petition on August 31, requested to consolidate all Actos bladder cancer lawsuits in different federal courts before Judge G. Patrick Murphy for coordinated managing during pretrial litigation. However, the plaintiffs particularly requested to transfer all the federal Actos lawsuits to United Sates district court for the district of Illinois (southern).

The FDA approved Actos in July 1999. It is usually prescribed as an adjunct to diet and exercise in individuals with diabetes mellitus type 2. According to the patient medication guide, Actos usually works by reducing insulin resistance in user’s body, and helps by increasing insulin sensitivity in user’s cells.

Actos became the no. 1 diabetes pills in recent years. According to Associated Press, Actos took the number one position when a rival medication, Avandia (Rosiglitazone) banned in Europe and restricted in U.S. market due to its serious cardiovascular complications. However, a big sales drop this year as suspicion grows about the risk of developing bladder cancer with Actos.

Reportedly, market researchers now started to believe that this bladder cancer risk could spell the ending for a once very promising Type II diabetes medication.

Mesothelioma cases and the money involved

Each coin has two sides. It was all over the media. Court cases were asbestos companies were ordered to pay out unbelievably high amounts of money to compensate former employees who had developed Mesothelioma or other forms of asbestos induced cancers. Lately, though, some of those firms are starting to fight back, because they feel they were taken advantage of.

It was all over the media, jus a few months back ago. Remember that huge firm in Georgia, which was ordered by the court after they had lost their case to pay approximately $ 99 Million dollars in a Mesothelioma class act to his former employees? That company decided to turn tables and sue doctors, testing labs and their lawyers because they suspect that they were victims of a large scam.

This was certainly not for the first time that a previously convicted company decided to start a lawsuit themselves, seeking some of the compensation money back it was previously order to pay out to former employees who developed Mesothelioma. In 1995 a huge asbestos manufacturer did try exactly that but after months of fighting in court, it eventually agreed to a confidentiality agreement in order to avoid further charges.

And probably all of us heard of other things, like lawyers bribing doctors or hospital staff members in order to obtain tweaked reports which they could then use in their cases to their favor, too.

It’s important to see and understand the whole situation. Keep in mind: 40 out of a 1000 formerly employed workers of the asbestos production industry – or in workplaces that naturally come with a high exposure to the material – will get a severe lung disease such as cancer or Mesothelioma.

Some experts in the field of asbestos legal cases estimate an average of $ 52,000 being associated with each claim. A huge part of that is associated with lawyer’s fees, of course. This explains why asbestos cases are sometimes sarcastically called a “lucrative enterprise”, mostly be the defendants who feel like being taken advantage of.

And I can actually confirm that number. I wish I couldn’t, but the fact of the matter is that I have cancer, too. I am actually fortunate to have good coverage through my health care insurance plan. Yet, there are still insane out of pocket costs I need to deal with myself. The cancer treatments, for example, or not fully covered and as you probably know, they are very expensive. And on top of that, my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer seven months before I received my kidney cancer diagnosis. Sometimes we have a monthly bill that exceeds $ 4,000 just for out of pocket medical expenses.

I mention this because it upsets me, that because of some ruthless and greedy people, we as the people cant’ get a hold of our medical costs. It doesn’t matter if you have Mesothelioma or any other cancer, or diabetes or just a bad cold. We all have to deal with the astronomically high costs for drugs and medical treatment.

It’s always the same. Just because of some already “rich beyond belief” people who want more money and therefore abuse the system, the costs for everything will rise higher and higher. And at the end of the day, we have to pay for that. And I had enough already and I’m pretty sure you are with me on that one, right?

Curing Bladder Problems in Cats

Copyright (c) 2012 Dr. Deva Khalsa

Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD) is a relatively common problem in pet cats that can be worrisome and expensive. Just ask any cat owner whose feline gets cystitis at the drop of a hat. The good news is that there are natural supplements and homeopathic methods to help treat and more importantly avoid and prevent these bladder problems.


Anyone whose had cystitis can attest to that feeling of ‘needing to go’ and it’s the same with cats. In some cases, the urine may be pink or red. If your cat chooses a tile floor or the bathtub, it’s pretty easy to tell if the urine’s blood tinged. If the litter box is your cat’s preferred stopping place, mixing shredded white toilet paper into the litter is a handy trick.

In the case of a ‘blocked cat’, urine crystals or mucous blocks the urethra. Blocked cats exhibit frequent but fruitless straining along with signs of stress, discomfort and painful vocalization. While far more prevalent in male cats, urinary obstructions constitutes a true veterinary emergency.


Researchers are still looking for the causes of FLUTD. Over the past 20 years theories have changed. One historic cause was thought to be the ‘ash’ content in cat food but that’s been proven incorrect. Until the late 1980’s, struvite crystals were commonly found in a urinalysis. At present, calcium oxalate stones are also very common.

Different crystals require different treatments so an analysis of the urine is necessary to determine the exact crystal type. Interestingly, as the urine sits after collection, some crystals dissolve while others grow, just like in a high school science experiment. When having your cat’s urine checked for crystals, best get it to the lab as soon as possible after it’s collected.


In many cases the cause of simple cystitis is a bacterial infection and your veterinarian will prescribe antibiotics. Blocked cats must be rushed to the veterinarian and have the urethral passage unplugged along with supportive emergency care. Unfortunately, cats that get FLUTD’s tend to get them more than once. Because of this, learning some simple facts about diet and nutrition concur with Ben Franklin’s observation that ” An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

DIET can have a profound effect on bladder health. Felines have a low thirst drive, having evolved on the African savannah. Prey contains about 70 percent water. By comparison, dry kibble has only 10 percent water, so cats that eat only kibble will have more concentrated urine and a higher tendency to form crystals. Feeding more canned food and even watering it down a bit adds more liquid intake. Raw food diets also provide more dietary liquid.

The pH of the urine is important because crystals need a specific pH in which to form. Cats prefer protein rich foods, but they evolved eating whole prey and were conveniently provided with vegetable matter and greens from the prey’s intestines. Unfortunately, heated and processed pet foods, by nature of the preparation methods, are stripped of essential plant nutrients. Healthy plant nutrients such as Vitamin C and Cranberry work to acidify the urine and prevent buildup of certain crystals.


Vitamins K1 and D3 help metabolize and process minerals. Working together, K1 prevents calcium from washing into the bladder while D3 creates efficient mineral metabolism. Vitamin D3 also significantly improves immune function. A high incidence of Vitamin D deficiency is now being identified in humans so keeping an eye on our pet’s Vitamin D is essential. Vitamin D3, called the ‘sunshine vitamin’, becomes biologically active when the human body is exposed to sunlight. But cats don’t have the necessary components in their skin to do this so they need to get their Vitamin D3 from a supplement, raw liver or cod liver oil. This new research indicates that vitamins K1 and D3 may be very important in preventing urinary crystal formation.

PHYTOCHEMICALS are the organic components in plants that have protective or disease preventative properties and are now a huge focus in scientific research. Sometimes called ‘super-foods’, they work to promote health in the body for a much longer time than vitamins and minerals. For example: Vitamin C only acidifies the urine for a few hours after it’s taken, while CRANBERRY does the same thing (and more) for almost an entire day. Cranberry contains a polysaccharide called mannose, which selectively binds to bacteria, carrying them out of the bladder. In fact, bacteria prefer mannose to the cells of the bladder wall. Taking cranberry on a daily basis works to prevent and help treat urinary tract infections

MILK THISTLE is an herb that’s been used for centuries. Its benefits on the liver are well publicized but many are not aware that it also works to prevent crystal and stone formation in the bladder. DANDELION promotes urination and flushes the urinary tract. BLUEBERRIES have a diverse range of micronutrients, including manganese, B6, Vitamin C and K. They have so many health benefits that a 2007 Symposium on ‘Berry Benefits’ was held. Their positive effects range from preventing urinary tract infections and cancer to decreasing brain damage. In fact all super-foods have a wide range of health benefits.

HOMEOPATHIC remedies are also helpful and can be easily found in health food stores such as Whole Foods.

APIS MELLIFICA is a good remedy to give when the urine is blood tinged. CANTHARIS is excellent for cystitis that causes irritation and frequent urging. CAUSTICUM is indicated for chronic cystitis. They can be administered orally 2 to 4 times a day, depending on the severity of symptoms.

PURR-FECTING HEALTH The good news is: between your veterinarian, correct dietary management, a good supplement and some homeopathic remedies, you now have some excellent tools to alleviate and prevent FLUTD’s in your beloved pets.

Overweight Dog – High Fiber Canine Food Is The Best For This Condition

High fiber food is recommended by vets for chubby dogs as it has fewer calories than regular food. Foods with high fiber have the same effect on dogs that it has on people which we know is good for us. There are other added purposes for using food rich in fiber.

One of the other benefits from a high fiber food is that it makes your dog’s stool “lumpish” and that can eliminate bowel problems, it also excites your dog’s guts and enhances your dog’s colon health.

If your dog is diabetic i am sure you are familiar with the understanding that a high fiber food has its advantages in controlling the changes in levels of their blood sugar. This naturally is superior for the well being of your dog.

One of the other values of a diet including high fiber food is preventing bacteria buildup. When bacteria are allowed to grow in the bowel it causes illnesses and colon cancer can result.

Have you ever heard about “anal gland illness”? This is when the glands round the opening of your pet’s anus get infected. You’ll notice if your animal is scurrying around the floor on his bottom or licking there a lot. For this infection you’ll have to see your vet. You can lower the risk of this by employing a high fiber food.

All of the elements of fiber are actually carbohydrates. The most familiar ones are rice, bran, corn and peanuts.

Fiber is not thought to be a mandatory ingredient in dog food. I was shocked to find this out. I was also shocked to find out that what most commercial dog food makers use for fiber is hair or newspaper. You have to be cautious when purchasing your pet food from your food shop.

Fiber is mandatory for your dog’s well being, but too much fiber could cause diarrhea or gas.

Check with your vet and find out if your pet ought to have a high fiber food. Maybe all your friend wishes is some extra fiber. You can give your dog these things to extend their fiber intake :

Tomato Apples Wheat Rice

If your vet announces that your dog would do better with a high fiber food you can look towards getting a holistic dog food, or making home-made dog food. When making homemade dog food you can put in the ingredients that are the best for your dog. Holistic dog food will have natural foods which are routinely higher in fiber.

3 Dangerous Diseases Caused by Bloodborne Pathogens

3 Dangerous Diseases Caused By Bloodborne Pathogens

There are various diseases caused by blood borne pathogens. People are subjected to these pathogens by needle injuries, accidents with sharp instruments, contamination with blood and other body fluids. In case of exposure you must follow the exposure control protocol and afterwards follow up with a doctor for any necessary treatment.

AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome), Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C are 3 diseases caused as a result of exposure to blood borne pathogens.

* AIDS: AIDS or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome is the disease caused by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). AIDS may develop even years after a person is infected by HIV. HIV weakens the body’s immune system making it susceptible to other diseases. There is no known cure for AIDS yet, and it is a fatal disease.

* Modes of Transmission of HIV :

* Sexual contact
* Sharing of needles
* During childbirth
* Through breast milk
* Accidental prick by needle with infected blood
* Contact of infected blood with a open wound or cut

* Symptoms of HIV:
* Weakness
* Fever
* Sore throat
* Nausea
* Diarrhea
* Frequent headache
* White coating on the tongue
* Weight loss
* Swollen lymph nodes

The symptoms of HIV can vary but those mentioned above are some of the most common symptoms.

* Hepatitis B: Hepatitis B is an acute infection of the liver which sometimes becomes chronic. Chronic hepatitis B may result in liver cirrhosis and liver cancer.

* Modes of Transmission of hepatitis B virus (HBV):
* Puncture to mucous membrane or skin
* Contact with infected blood and other human body fluids

This virus is long-lasting. It is said to be infectious even after surviving outside the body for over seven days. Hepatitis B is a chief concern for housekeeping staff, laundry workers, janitors and also non-medical employees who may come in contact with human body fluid that any time.

* Initial symptoms of HBV:
* Fatigue
* Stomach ache
* Loss of appetite
* Nausea

* Final symptoms of HBV:
* Jaundice
* Dark colored urine
* High fever

Nevertheless, HBV infected people may not show any symptoms for some time. It may take up to nine months after exposure for the first symptom to be seen.

* Hepatitis C: Hepatitis C is also an infection of the liver that can be either acute or chronic. Like hepatitis B it may also cause liver cirrhosis and liver cancer but it is more likely for hepatitis B to result in a chronic illness.

* Modes of transmission of Hepatitis C Virus (HCV):
* Injection of drugs
* Needle-prick injury
* During childbirth from infected mother to baby
* Sexual contact
* Sharing of personal belongings

As of now no vaccines exist for hepatitis C. So prevention is the only option here. Always avoid direct contact with human blood and sharing of needles.

Now you know why safety measures are necessary for health care workers. One small mistake and you could be infected with a deathly disease. Infection with blood borne pathogens can be fatal so follow the rules and stay safe.

For more information, please visit our bloodborne pathogens website.